14 Types Car Wiper Common Problems Analysis

car wiper common problem analsis

1. Wiper ends slightly warped

The universal wiper is based on most of the car’s windscreen curvature design, not car-specific is based on the design of a particular model, so when a very few models of glass curvature is too large, there will be a slight warping of the tail end (individual car original wipers will be), but this will not affect the use of the car, or to reduce the size of the car can be.

2. The middle part can not fit the windscreen

The wiper arm uses too long pressure caused by insufficient, to solve the fundamental need for to 4S shop to replace the rocker arm spring; some car pressure is congenital, so the use of traditional bone wipers or three sections of wipers can also be solved; different sizes of wipers need to scrape the arm to give the pressure is not the same, for example, the pressure of wiper blade design according to the 0.5kg, and the weight of the hook arm is only 0.4kg, resulting in the middle part of the rubber strip can not press the car glass, and at the same time do not scrape cleanly. The middle part of the rubber strip can’t press the car glass, and the wiper can’t scrape cleanly, it is suggested to reduce the size of the wiper to one size.

3. Shaking when working

The windscreen is not clean; frequently makes the wipers work under abnormal conditions; there is dirt on the adhesive tape, use a water-soaked paper towel to gently wipe or use sandpaper to polish the adhesive tape edge evenly; adhesive tape damage or improper installation of wiper and wiper arm. Hanging wall pressure is too light, resulting in the wiper and the glass fit is not close enough, coupled with the action of the wind in the process will also cause shaking.

4. Rattling when working

The first is that the wiper blade of the boneless wiper and the bone wiper are not the same. 90% of the boneless wipers use a horizontal double layer or even more layers of rubber strips to cover the wiper. So, the new boneless wipers in the first layer have been rainfall water all drained, resulting in the back of several layers of the blade and glass dry scraping, which caused the sound (but scraping very clean!). In this case, do not worry too much. With the use of a period of time, the sound will disappear; the second is the wiper arm angle deviation problem, with a vise to clamp the U-type mouth, slowly force, clockwise (lower scraping sound) or counterclockwise (upper scraping sound) slightly rotating; the third is the arm pressure is large, the wiper tape pressure lying down, resulting in the tape and the glass contact surface is too large, causing the sound, you can increase the size of the wipers; the fourth, the tap water instead of glass water, glass water can play a role in cleaning the glass, the glass water can play a role in cleaning the glass, the glass water can play a role in cleaning the glass, the glass water can play a role in cleaning the glass. Glass water can play a role in cleaning the dirt on the glass and lubrication, which can extend the life of the wipers and avoid rattling, these are tap water can not be done, so you can not use tap water instead of glass water. Glass coating makes the glass surface too smooth, which can also cause occasional rattling. Wipers as far as possible, do not dry scraping, which will cause the rubber strip to too fast wear and rattling.

5. Machine parts fall off

When the wiper arm spring is losing, or the wiper arm screws fall off, the wiper arm can not withstand the vehicle driving between the wind cut, driving will see the wipers up and down in the beckoning, followed by flying to an unknown place.

6. Wrong installation

The rubber sheet is too short, or not properly installed on the contact point, resulting in the rubber sheet connecting the claw directly scraping the windscreen.

7. Rubber defacement

Most of the long-term hoarding in the wipers on the oil stains, or car wax adhesion, over time, will produce a gap between the windshield glass, and can not be tight to achieve the role of complete scraping. Suggestions, keep the windscreen and wiper tape clean, timely replacement of wipers.

8. Corrosion – rubber wear

Frequent use in poor weather or incorrect rubber formulation, resulting in ragged edges or complete wear and tear, direct replacement of wipers.

9. Rubber hardening

Due to direct exposure to sunlight, and direct changes in high temperatures, the wiper rubber hardens and loses its elasticity, directly replacing the wipers.

10. Cracked rubber

Rubber has a certain life span, after the cold, hot, acid, and alkali abuse, hardening cracking, or peeling is inevitable, some wiper blades will fall off directly on the wiper arm, whenever the car is started, you will see the wiper blade up in the air; disadvantaged poor quality rubber, the damage time is faster, direct replacement of windscreen wipers.

11. Rubber cracking

The rubber separates from the metal structure and rubs directly against the windscreen when swinging, directly replacing the wipers.

12. Clicking or other noises

Occur in the wiper irregular hanging sweep, mostly due to rubber wear, or arm damage caused by rubber deformation, reduce dry scraping, and replace the wipers.

13. Fine water beads

When the wiper sweeps through the windscreen, some small water droplets on the glass surface, this phenomenon for the car wax or silicone adhesion in the windscreen glass or the rubber strip itself; let the windscreen glass remain clean and clean.

14. Both up and down can’t scrape clean

The rubber strip is not aging and scraping arm pressure in the use of the scope of the case is because the glass is too dirty, wipers – as the name suggests, can only clean the rain, and can not clean the oil, and then high-end car exhaust emissions have oil, the car for a long time in this environment or occasionally parked near the hotel caused by the glass oil is more, coupled with a long period and not raining, the glass of the oil has no acidic Rainwater dissolution, resulting in the phenomenon of scraping is not clean. You can add detergent to the glass water storage bucket, to dissolve it in detergent, scrape it a few times can clean it. Up and down there is a direction to scrape not clean, hanging wall pressure is given by the spring tension hidden under the scraping arm, due to long time running back and forth will cause deformation of the scraping arm, at this time the old wiper is also deformed, up and down can be scraped off the rain, and replaced with a new wiper will lead to come up or go down to scrape is not clean, this kind of problem and the wipers are not related, as long as the wiper arm wrenching, this problem can be solved.

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