5 benefits of installing boneless silicone wipers


Introduction: There are many kinds of wipers on the market today, bone wipers, boneless wipers, five-stage composite wipers, boneless silicone wipers, and so on, but no matter which kind of car owners are more concerned about them and other wipers, advantages of where, this article to give us a brief introduction to the benefits of boneless silicone wipers.


Summer rain, many car owners and began to install a variety of wipers, and strive to drive comfortably and safely in the rain, now on the market are ordinary wipers, boneless wipers, bone wipers, which are more prevalent some of this article introduces the advantages of boneless silicone wipers, I hope it can be helpful to the majority of car owners.
The first thing owners need to know is that the composition of the boneless silicone wipers can be divided into wiper silicone rubber strip, wiper spring steel, wiper sheath, plastic parts, and other four accessories, compared to other wipers, boneless silicone wipers from this point are very advantageous, because of its simple design, installation is very convenient, only need to move your hands can be installed on.

1. Wear resistance

Boneless wipers in the design of the wiper blade due to the pursuit of seamless integration with aerodynamics, to achieve the complete elimination of high-speed car traveling due to the wind formed by the wiper shaking, so that the wiper blade on the glass wear to a minimum, so on this point, the advantages of the boneless silicone wipers are general wipers can not be compared.

2. Airtightness

The second advantage of using boneless silicone wipers is that on the rubber strip, the cutter is cut accurately and smoothly, and the cutter plane is smooth, which ensures efficient scraping and sealing performance, and the scraping effect is very clean, and there will not be any watermarks.

3.No noise

Many car owners drive when they want to keep the car quiet to ensure that driving in the rain when the attention is focused, and the use of boneless silicone wipers can easily allow car owners to achieve a clear window, quiet scraping, and in the scraping no obvious jumping faults is occurring, the elasticity of the recovery is also normal.

4. Not easy to scratch

This is a lot of car owners will have scruples, but think it will not be due to the installation of wipers in working condition, the glass will be scraped, so the loss will outweigh the gain, car owners do not have to worry about boneless silicone wipers will present this problem, boneless silicone wiper blades of the brush head has no steel skeleton, so the wear and tear is uniform, and will never be the general wiper blades of the skeleton of the windshield glass scraped.

 5. Affordable

A Boneless wiper is different from a general wiper is not require the owner of the wiper arm, the window to replace the wiper, only the original traditional skeleton wiper blade can, so the last point of advantage is more economical, and boneless silicone wiper blade is very soft, can get used to a variety of curvature of the glass.

Of course, the advantages of boneless silicone wipers there are many, this article only said a few more important some, owners have other questions welcome to ask, I expect to be able to help you.

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