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5 benefits of installing boneless silicone wipers


Introduction: There are many kinds of wipers on the market today, bone wipers, boneless wipers, five-stage composite wipers, boneless silicone wipers, and so on, but no matter which kind of car owners are more concerned about them and other wipers, advantages of where, this article to give us a brief introduction to the benefits of […]

14 Types Car Wiper Common Problems Analysis

car wiper common problem analsis

1. Wiper ends slightly warped The universal wiper is based on most of the car’s windscreen curvature design, not car-specific is based on the design of a particular model, so when a very few models of glass curvature is too large, there will be a slight warping of the tail end (individual car original wipers […]

One of the essentials for safe driving: windscreen wipers need to be serviced regularly

windshield wipers effect

In a series of car maintenance, car wipers are often easy to be neglected. For one thing, it is because in the value of the whole body parts, it is relatively worthless, on the other hand, it is a weather product, only on rainy days will be used, not much sense of existence. To maintain […]

Differences and benefits between boneless and classic wipers

car wiper replacement

  Introduction: Classification and difference of the wiper blade The wiper blade is divided into two kinds of classic wiper blade and boneless wiper blade, and their differences mainly lie in the structure and principle of action, as well as the price of the resulting products also make a difference.     Classification and difference […]