Differences and benefits between boneless and classic wipers

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Classification and difference of the wiper blade The wiper blade is divided into two kinds of classic wiper blade and boneless wiper blade, and their differences mainly lie in the structure and principle of action, as well as the price of the resulting products also make a difference.



Classification and difference of wiper blades

Wiper blades are divided into two kinds of classic wiper blades and boneless wiper blades, their differences mainly lie in the structure and principle of action, as well as the resulting price of the product also makes a difference.

Classic Wiper Blade

The principle of the classic wiper is through several support points on the skeleton of the wiper blade on the glass pressure so that the wiper blade is on the average pressure of the various support points.
In the process of use, due to the bone wiper, each support point pressure is average, the degree of wear and tear is also average, easy to appear between the wiper blade and glass friction noise, not easy to scrape clean impurities.


Boneless wiper blade

A boneless wiper blade is relative to the traditional wiper blade with metal support. The main difference between the two is in the working pressure: classic wiper blades are difficult to withstand greater pressure.
The boneless wiper blade itself is composed of four kinds of accessories: wiper tape, boneless wiper blade, wiper sheath, and plastic parts. The bracket is made of stainless steel, the steel blade is carbon steel and the length is between 10-28 inches, the thickness is 0.80~0.90mm, and the width is generally 7.00~14.00mm. The steel blades in the boneless wiper use a whole strip of force-conducting steel blades to disperse the pressure so that all parts of the wiper blades are subjected to uniform force, to achieve the effect of reducing water marks and scratches. The outer layer of the steel blade is covered with an electroplated layer to make it more resistant to rust.
In addition, the elasticity of boneless wiper blades is better than that of general classic wiper blades, which can reduce the wear and tear of shaking, coupled with the characteristics of uniform force, sun protection, simple structure, and lighter weight. Therefore, the motor and blade life of a boneless wiper is at least twice as long as that of a traditional wiper.

What are the advantages of boneless wiper blades?

From the design principle, the more pivot points of the wiper, the more uniform the force of the wiper blade, and the glass contact will be more comfortable and can achieve a better water removal effect. Boneless wiper blades has no bracket, using the whole wiper blade itself to pressure, which is equivalent to the wiper blade as a whole are force points, so boneless wiper blades compared to the traditional bracket classic wiper blades more effective. At the same time, the metal bracket is removed, which reduces the impact of the wiper on the driving field of vision when opening.
In addition, theoretically speaking, due to the removal of the metal bracket of the boneless wiper blades weight reduction, the load on the wiper motor is reduced but also plays an indirect role in protecting the motor to extend the service life.

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