How to judge a good pair of wipers?

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How to judge a good pair of wipers?

(1) wiper tape flat, can really push the water away from the glass, if the tape on the scratch, rupture or gap, the glass will appear on the water lines. And all kinds of dirt on the glass is the culprit causing damage to the rubber strip, imagine the surface stains adhering to the sand of the glass is not like a piece of sandpaper, when the rubber strip in such a sandpaper back and forth friction back and forth, is not it will soon be injured?

(2) The tape must have the right amount of elasticity in order to slide smoothly across the glass surface, not too soft, otherwise it can not be pushed out of the rain, not too hard, otherwise it will bounce on the glass. Good rubber strip in the process must be strictly controlled production conditions in order to produce qualified products, and this is the biggest difference between the original wipers and commercially available wipers.

(3) The importance of glass surface cleaning has been mentioned earlier, but some people may ask: my glass is obviously very clean, why is it blurred when I brush it? This is because the glass surface of the invisible layer of oil film in the work, try to see with an oiled rag to wipe the glass will have what phenomenon? So the glass is not only clean on the surface, but also clean at the bottom in order to let the wipers work. Therefore, to wipers to play the proper function is not lazy, pay attention to often keep the windscreen and wipers clean, not only can make your wipers brush clean, but also can increase the service life of the wipers.

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