How to maintain car wipers in winter

Winter is coming, the car usually shelved for a long time equipment, such as wipers, winter how to maintain car wipers?

Here is how to maintain car wipers in winter and replace the small common sense, I hope that through the introduction of how to maintain car wipers in winter, can provide you with some help.

A good wiper must have heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, can fit the windshield glass, low noise, dial water strong, soft texture that does not scratch the windshield glass and other characteristics.

And how to maintain the car wipers in winter has become a very critical issue.

To ensure a good view, wipers usually need to be replaced once a year or so. In the maintenance of car wipers, we can pull up the wiper, with a finger in the clean wiper rubber touch, check whether there is damage and rubber blade elasticity how. If the blades are aged, hardened, and cracked, the wiper blades will need to be replaced.

How exactly do you maintain your car wipers in winter? What else should I pay attention to?

1. Every time you wash your car, please remember that in addition to washing the glass. It’s best to wipe the wipers with a glass cleaning solution as well, as this will make the wiper blades last longer. If the car wash does the cleaning for you, remember to remind the clerk to do this maintenance for your car wipers.

2. When doing maintenance, the wiper switch will be placed in a variety of speed positions, check the different speed wiper is working properly, and pay attention to the scraping of water and whether there will be uneven speed and swing. If so, you can do it yourself by cleaning the wiper blades with a rag soaked in cleaning fluid and then rinsing with water. If the situation is still not better it means that the wipers or rubber strips should be changed.

3. In addition, in the maintenance of car wipers should also pay attention to a wiper in the work of vibration and noise.
Temperature changes or gravel, dust, etc. will shorten the wiper blade life. You should also often wash the windscreen and wiper blades on the dirt, especially after the rain, which can reduce the unnecessary wear and tear of the wipers, and can extend the life of the wiper blade.

When the wiper blade appears to scrape poorly, try the following maintenance car wiper method to see if it can make it regain its youth: first of all, the wiper blade and windshield glass separation, wet wiper blade with water, with 800 number of water sandpaper will be the wiper blade back and forth grinding 4-5 times, and then use water to clean clean and put back to the windshield can be. The principle of this maintenance car wiper method is mainly to use water sandpaper will be wiper blade due to dust, and warm and cold temperature changes caused by small deformation grinding.

How to maintain car wipers in winter, have you mastered it?

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