Mercedes-Benz Wiper Blades Size Chart 2024

Stuccler compiled the newest Mercedes-Benz wiper blade size charts, the biggest wiper blade manufacturer in Asia, which covers the models of Mercedes-Benz 190, A class, B class, C class, E class, G class, M class, S class, CL class, CL Sportcoupe, CLA, CLC class, CLS class, GL class, GLA class, GLE class, GLK class, GLK class, and the car years from 1979~2024. wiper blades size inches from 16′ to 28′; There are also different structures for each wiper, and we have attached the model numbers corresponding to the different adapters. Hope there is some help for the moment. For bulk orders, please contact us for more details.

Mercedes-Benz wiper blade size chart PDF

ModelYearLength (in.)Fiting Adaptor
S classcoupe (C215)1999200628"28"C
S classcoupe (C216)2006201428"28"C
S classsaloon (W220)2000200528"28"C
S classsaloon (W221)2005201328"28"C
GL classX1642007201228"21"B1
ML class2005201128"21"B1
M classsuv2005201128"21"B1
R classmpv W2512006onwards28"21"B1
CL classW2151999200227"27"A
CL classW215, W2162002onwards27"27"C
CLS classCLS (W219)2004201126"26"C
E classestate (W211)2003200926"26"C
E classsaloon (W211)2003200926"26"C
SL classSL (R230)2001201226"26"C
SLR classR1992004onwards26"26"C
E classestate (W212)2009201426"24"C
E classsaloon (W212)2009201426"24"C
GL classX1662012onwards26''24''B2
GLE classcoupe(292)2015onwards26''24''B2
GLE classsuv(166)2015onwards26''24''B2
ML class2012onwards26''24''B2
M classsuv2012onwards26''24''B2
Sprintervan 9062006onwards26"24"B1
VaneoMPV 4142002200426''24''A
VaneoMPV 4142004200524''26''B1
A classW1692004201226"23"B1
A classW1681997200426"22"A
V class1996200326''22''A
B classW2452005201122"26"B1
B classW2462011201526''19''B1
B classW2462015onwards26''19''H
S classcoupe (W222)2014onwards25''22''B1
S classsaloon (W222)2014onwards25''22''B1
E classestate (W210)1996200325"A
E classsaloon (W210)1995200225"A
C classcoupe (C204)2008201024"24"C
C classcoupe (C204)2011201324"24"C
C classcoupe (C204)2013201424"24"B2
C classestate (C204)2007200824"24"C
C classestate (C204)2009201224"24"C
C classestate (C204)2013201424"24"B2
C classsaloon (C204)2007200824"24"C
C classsaloon (C204)2009201224"24"C
C classsaloon (C204)2013201424"24"B2
CLS classCLS (W218)2012201424"24"C
CLS classCLS (W218)2014onwards24"24"B2
E classcoupe(c207)2009201324"24"C
E classcoupe(c207)2013onwards24"24"B2
E classestate (W212)2014201524''24''B2
E classsaloon (W212)2014201524"24"B2
E classconvertible(c207)2009201324"24"C
E classconvertible(c207)2014onwards24"24"B2
E classestate (W213)2016onwards24''22''H
E classsaloon (W213)2016onwards24''22''H
Sprinter901, 9021995200624"22"A
C classestate (C203)2001200324"21"A
C classsaloon (C203)2000200324"21"A
GLA class2014201524''19''B1
GLA class2015onwards24''19''H
C classestate (C202)1996200124"A
C classsaloon (C202)1993200024"A
CLK classCLK (C208)1997200224"A
E classestate (W124)1993199624"A
E classsaloon (W124)1993199524"A
SL classSL (R129)1989200124"A
C classcoupe (C203)2003200722"22"E
C classcoupe (C205)2015onwards22''22''H
C classestate (C203)2004200722"22"E
C classestate (C205)2015onwards22''22''H
C classsaloon (C203)2004200722"22"E
C classsaloon (C205)2014onwards22''22''H
CL SportcoupeCL2032006onwards22"22"E
CLC classCLC2008201022"22"E
CLK classCLK (C209)2002200922"22"E
ML class1997200522"22"A
M classsuv1997200522"22"A
SLK classSLK (R170)1996200422"22"A
SLK classSLK (R171)2004201122"22"B1
SLK classSLK (R172)2011201622"22"B1
GLK classsuv(204)2015onwards22"19"B2
GLK classsuv(204)2008201422''18''C
SL classSL (R107)1975198918"18"A
G classW460, W4631979200516"16"A

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