One of the essentials for safe driving: windscreen wipers need to be serviced regularly

windshield wipers effect

In a series of car maintenance, car wipers are often easy to be neglected. For one thing, it is because in the value of the whole body parts, it is relatively worthless, on the other hand, it is a weather product, only on rainy days will be used, not much sense of existence.

To maintain a good view in car driving, especially on rainy and snowy days, car wipers are vital, which is also one of the essential conditions for safe driving. Therefore, it is especially important to carefully buy good car wipers, at the same time, car owners should also pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning wipers.

1. Avoid wiper dry scraping

As the owner of the car whether you have had this line, get on the car and look at the windshield on a thick layer of dust, leaves, or dirt, and then immediately dial the wiper control lever to clean up, the whole process did not first spray glass water.

Wiper blades are made of soft thin rubber, if there are hard objects on the windscreen, dry scraping can easily cause damage to the wiper blades. The most appropriate method is to use your hands or tools to clean off the leaves and debris on the windscreen and then spray water to moisten it before using the wipers.

If the dust on the glass is thicker, you can gently lift the wiper several times to let the glass water spot without scraping, when the water is washed out of the dust and wet enough to use the wipers again, so that it will not damage the wiper blade.

2. Check the washer nozzle

Some car owners will encounter this situation, how to press the spray water out a little, just fill up the glass water, strange!

To ensure that the glass water on the premise of sufficient, the washer spray water, water level is too low or the spray is crooked may be caused by nozzle clogging, you can try to clear the clogging with a needle or a small nail, pay attention to not damage the nozzle, really can not be solved on the 4S shop or repair shop.

3. Wash the car do not forget the wiper blade

Daily car wash, when you are busy checking the body, the seat is clean and tidy when often ignore the wiper blade. If you can remind the car wash clerk to wipe the wiper blade with glass cleaning fluid, wipe clean, and then clean with water, so you can properly extend the life of the wiper blade.

Usually have time to do their wiper blade cleaning, but need to pay attention to one point, the use of cleaning agents can not contain ammonia. Generally speaking, home soap, and disinfectant solution contains ammonia, it is caused by the hardening of the rubber strip of the killer, so car owners should remember to choose a special cleaning agent to “care” the car.

4. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

In hot summer, a long time to stay in the hot sun will burn our skin, the same, sustained high-temperature rain brush blade on the rubber strip may be deformed or lose elasticity. If the owner intends to park the car outdoors for a few days, conditions allow it is recommended to park in the shade, really can not buy a set of “clothes” for the car – car coat, both to protect the wiper blade also do not have to worry about the body by the dust, leaves, dirt, “siege”. “siege”.

5. Regular inspection can not be less

The do-it-yourself check wiper method is very simple, after spraying water to open the wipers and paying attention to its action is smooth, I heard whether there is a harsh “scraping” sound. If so, it means that the wiper pressure to the glass load is too large, and needs to make the appropriate “decompression”.

Wipers sweep after one or two times off, observe the windscreen whether it leaves a clear scratch, yes, then the wiper strip of the rubber strip is aging, and should be replaced with a new wiper blade.

Although the price of wipers is not very expensive, as long as the usual process of car more than one eye to do a little maintenance, you can extend its service life, I believe that these small maintenance work does not waste too much time of the owner, we all do it!

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